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Monthly Reports 2022

August 2022: Our Article 9 Fund SDG Evolution Flexible I positive in August and YTD

- Monthly Report August, 2022

July 2022: Strong Performance and high EU taxonomy alignments

- Monthly Report July, 2022

June 2022: SDG Evolution Flexibel I outperformed YTD in difficult market

- Monthly Report June, 2022

May 2022: IG corporate bonds have now become more attractive

- Monthly Report May, 2022

April 2022: Putin’s war will also cause starvation!

- Monthly Report April, 2022

March 2022: Positive March and YTD performance for SDG Evolution Flexibel

- Monthly Report March, 2022

February 2022: We pray that the war can be solved peacefully soon. Positive February performance for SDG Evolution Flexibel

- Monthly Report February, 2022

January 2022: Yields are increasing

- Monthly Report January, 2022