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Our Multi-Asset fund:
SDG Evolution Flexibel R

SDG Evolution Flexibel R invests in equities (20-49%) and bonds issued by companies that offer sustainable products and services and are committed to climate protection. It is available at any bank and can be used as a savings plan.

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ISIN:    DE000A1W9AA8
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Invest in the SDG Flexibel R via Envestor

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Fund profiles in detail

Our funds invest systematically according to ESG criteria and strive for measurable positive impacts on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and intensively seek to further reduce climate risks. The focus is particularly on the SDG goals "zero hunger" (#2), "good health and well-being" (#3), "quality education" (#4), "affordable and clean energy" (#7), "responsible consumption and production" (#12) and "climate action" (#13). The funds aim to reduce the environmental impact of carbon emissions and are already compatible with the Paris climate goals. The company right. based on science was able to confirm that both funds contribute to a global warming of less than 2 degrees. Details on the funds' current sustainability figures can be found in our monthly report.

We base our investment decisions on publicly available information, internal research, and data and ESG ratings from recognised providers. Our funds all aim to be sustainable investments under Article 9 of the Disclosure Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/2088).

SDG Evolution Flexibel

The majority of the Fund’s assets are made up of transferable securities from European issuers. The Fund shall invest in the most varied bond classes, with debt securities of public issuers (including government bonds and municipal bonds), mortgage bonds and corporate bonds favoured. The equity portion predominantly lies between 20 to 30% and is managed very dynamically via derivative instruments.

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