July 2019: ESG Portfolio Management received A Rating in 2019 PRI Assessment Report

Assessment Report 2019

Summary Scorecard

March 2019

PSD Bank Westfalen-Lippe eG becomes a strategic investor at ESG Portfolio Management GmbH.
Besides a significant investment in the bond fund, PSD Bank Westfalen-Lippe eG offers to deliver feedback for potential investors in ESG Portfolio Management GmbH.

Interview Environmental & Finance Conference, London, June 17th 2019

From February 1st ESG Portfolio Management advises the fund

Mayence Fair Value Bond Fonds.

During the next weeks we aim to increase the ESG quality of the portfolio without significantly changing the structure.

From July 2nd ESG Portfolio Management advises the fund

July 2019: Our short duration reduced performance

- Monthly Report July, 2019

June 2019: Are central bank policies sustainable?

- Monthly Report June, 2019

May: Dax put options reduced portfolio losses

- Monthly Report May, 2019

Record ESG Scores for our funds

- Monthly Report April, 2019

ESG Portfolio Management wins a further strategic investor

- Monthly Report March, 2019

February 2019: good returns and reduced CO2 emissions.

- Monthly Report February, 2019

A good month for ESG Portfolio Management

- Monthly Report January, 2019

Solid performance despite weak equity and credit markets

- Monthly Report December, 2018

Bloomberg Panel ESG Investing

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Positive Performance despite weak equity and credit markets

- Monthly Report November, 2018

Improving the SDG Impact

- Monthly Report October, 2018

Improving the ESG quality to very high MSCI ESG scores of 8.1

- Monthly Report September, 2018

August - ESG quality significantly improved

- Monthly Report August, 2018

July - a good month for the Skalis funds

- Monthly Report  July, 2018

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