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Managing Partner

Fondsmanager Christoph Klein

Christoph M. Klein, CFA, CEFA is managing partner and portfolio manager at ESG Portfolio Management GmbH. Previously, he served as a partner at nordIX AG and as portfolio strategist, managing director at Deutsche Asset Management. Before rejoining Deutsche Asset Management in 2007, he served as partner and head of fixed-income credit at TriPoint Asset Management. Mr. Klein also worked as a multi-strategy Portfolio Manager for credit hedge funds at CPM Advisors and as an analyst and portfolio manager for corporate and convertible bonds at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management. He has served as a visiting scholar at Salomon Center for the Study of Financial Institutions at New York University. Mr. Klein began his career as a private banking investment strategy analyst at Deutsche Bank. He served as a member of the UN PRI Fixed Income Working Group and received his diploma in business administration from the University of Trier.

Christoph Klein

Co-Portfolio Manager Frank Rothauge, CFA

  • More than 20 years of professional equity experience
  • Advised as equity analyst many fund managers regarding equity selection
  • Head of the technology sector research team at Sal. Oppenheim
  • Multiple winner as Germany‘s best telecom analyst
  • Contributed to more than 40 capital market transactions
  • Head of the audit committee at the supervisory board of the TecDax-company Drillisch AG, until October 2017
  • Portfolio Manager of the fund Universal – AHP Aristoteles UI
  • Managing Partner of  AHP Capital Management
Frank Rothauge
Publications Christoph Klein

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